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“Tags” The Hawksbill Turtle Release

In the morning of December 4, 2016, an expectant crowd gathered on the shores of Camayan Beach Resort to witness the release of a young female hawksbill sea turtle. The sea turtle, which was named “Tags” by the animal care team of Ocean Adventure, had been under rehab since September 20, 2016. It was found by a fisherman entangled in trash and other marine debris in a beach in Morong Bataan. The fisherman brought the animal to the Pawikan Conservation Center where it stayed for a week before it was finally brought to Ocean Adventure for rehabilitation. Tags was weak, emaciated, and was suffering from a buoyancy disorder.


“Tags was very weak when she arrived and we were worried at that time that she might not make it. We did our best to treat her condition and we were elated to see the gradual but steady improvements on her. We knew then that she would make it so we were looking forward for this day.” Dr. Leo Jonathan Suarez, director of veterinary services of Ocean Adventure said.


Tags is just one of a number of sea turtles Ocean Adventure has successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild. With every release, the animal care team becomes even more motivated to continue helping wild animals in need.  As Jollibee Looc, one of our new Aquarists and a member of the team who took care of Tags shared, “It has always been my lifelong dream and passion to be an advocate of marine animal conservation. I feel honored to be part of the team of Ocean Adventure”.

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