Experience One of the Most Exciting Careers in the World – Animal Trainer


You’ll work side-by-side with our trainers and face-to-face with our dolphins and sea lions. Help prepare their food, learn about the animals, participate in training sessions, enjoy a Swim Encounter, and watch the Dolphin Tales Show! These Half-Day and Whole-Day programs come with lots of photo opportunities to make the memories last. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Available for Half Day or Whole Day Adventure

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Half Day Adventure


Half Day Program Lineup

8:30 am – 1:00 pm
What You Will Experience . . .

Sea Lions

Meet and greet our team members assigned to your Animal Trainer Adventure Program and have a tour in our Sea Lion Point facility. Have a chance to meet our sea lions and watch trainers as they do training sessions.

Learn to train the animals the way our professional trainers do. Learn the hand signals and have fun hugging, feeding and dancing with our sea lions.



Visit Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel with one of our friendly sea lions and have a photo opportunity to be held near the beach.


Meet our dolphins up close and personal with our friendly trainers, learning both world-class training techniques and top animal care practices. Experience the fun and excitement during these activities with our dolphins.

Dolphin Session


Experience the ride of your life with our Dolphin Swim Encounter. This interactive experience begins with a short presentation on marine mammals. You’ll be given a life vest and then hitch a ride with one of our dolphins to a floating platform in the big natural lagoon. You’ll interact with your dolphin for rides, hugs and photos. Then it’s back to the beach for more touching and feeding and taking great pictures. Come join the fun and make a friend for life!

Enjoy while watching our amazing dolphins as they do their stunning leaps and acrobatic stunts, and have a great Dolphin Photo Experience right after the show.



1 person – P5,500
2 people – P7,500
3 people – P9,500
4 people – P11,500


Animal Trainer Adventure T-Shirt
Lunch at Ilanin Bay Cafe

Full Day Adventure


Full Day Program Lineup

8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Includes Everything Above in Longer Sessions – Plus . . .

Sea Lion Swim Encounter

From whiskers to flippers, Catch the fun as you touch, feed, play, and learn about these intelligent charismatic animals. And don’t forget the best part – an exciting ride around the sea lion show pool, compliments of your special friend.

Food Preparation Training Tour

You get to learn how to feed our sea lions with a variety of fish and tour our fish operations room, learning more about food preparation and fish quality checking for animals health and safety.



1 person – P8,500
2 people – P10,500
3 people – P12,500
4 people – P14,500


Animal Trainer Adventure T-Shirt
Lunch at Ilanin Bay Cafe

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