Ocean Adventure is home to several species of dolphins, all of whom are rescued animals. Some came from the drive fishery in Japan where they were literally hours away from being slaughtered. Others were rescued when they came ashore sick and injured in local Philippine waters and once rehabilitated were unlikely to survive if released.

Ocean Adventure opposes the killing of marine mammals anywhere. Nations such as Japan have permitted the harvesting of dolphins and whales, as a food source, for hundreds of years. Less than 1% of these animals are allowed to be taken alive each year, thus saving them from slaughter. That is why we chose to rescue animals from this industry.


Rescue & Rehabilitation

Taking Action to Help All Wildlife

The Ocean Adventure Rescue and Rehabilitation Program is an important part of our commitment to conservation and education. Ocean Adventure works closely with the non-profit Wildlife in Need (WIN) to care for sick, injured, or confiscated animals. To date Ocean Adventure and WIN have received and cared for hundreds of animals including whales, dolphins, sea turtles, monkeys, and a variety of birds and reptiles.

Every animal we care for provides us an opportunity to learn more about their biology and ecology. Information gained from these individuals helps us to be more effective conservationists and to do our part to protect threatened and endangered species.


The CSR Programs of Ocean Adventure

wildlife in need rescue centerProvide financial and operational support to care for sick, injured, and confiscated wildlife.

sea turtle conservation thumbSea turtle conservation and research program – To protect and monitor sea turtle nests and hatchlings.

Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center – Rescue, rehabilitate, and release sick and injured sea turtles.  The only facility of its kind in the P

dolphin rescue in progres smlOcean Adventure Stranding Response Team
Rescue sick and injured whale and dolphins.

dolphin rehabilitation smlCetacean Rehabilitation Center
Provide round-the-clock care for sick and injured marine mammals.

marine mammal stranding training thumb

Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network – Leader in the formation of the first of its kind Network in Southeast Asia.

Cetacean Stranding Response Workshop – Train government and NGO personnel on marine mammal stranding response . Over 2,500 participants trained to date (end of 2012).

The Medical Management of Stranded Marine Mammals Workshop – Train veterinarians in marine mammal medicine to assist in marine mammal stranding throughout the country.

First Southeast Asian Marine Mammal Stranding Network Symposium –February 2013, hosted 57 delegates from throughout the region and led to the formation of the Southeast Asian Regional Marine Mammal Stranding Network, the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

reef monitoring in subic bayProtect and manage the coral reef of Ilanin Bay and participate in the international Reef Check Program.

forest management in subic bayProtect and manage over 500 hectares of rain forest of the Subic Bay Forest Reserve.

aeta man in forest outter subic bayWork with the local indigenous people, the Aetas, to protect and manage the forest and provide livelihood opportunities.

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