In a typical fishing village, a storm is brewing…

Every time a storm nears, the oceans tumble and the skies rumble, seemingly reminding the villagers of a legendary tale where a promise to always protect the seas was made between the Gods and their ancestors.

Aman Sinaya: Legend of the Ocean Ocean Adventure Subic Bay 1

The story begins many moons ago, when people and nature truly cared for each other. The villagers’ forefathers were spoiled with good fortune and fun, for they enjoyed the bounties of the sea, an honor they did not treat lightly. And so they made sure that the oceans were clear… blue and shiny as far as the eye can see. Rejoice they did, for the Gods’ gift of wonder, an endless supply of OCEAN ADVENTURE!

But who was behind the wonders of the sea? A true Goddess of course, the Goddess of the Sea,  Aman Sinaya. Amid a colorful backdrop of blues, Aman Sinaya recalls how she created the many sea creatures from her own flesh. She put all of her powers and talent into her creations and vowed to always be their protector.

Aman Sinaya: Legend of the Ocean Ocean Adventure Subic Bay 2

It was a harmonious relationship between man and Aman Sinaya’s babies for many years. But as generations passed, people became complacent. Greed and indifference took over and bottom trawling and over fishing became the craze. With bigger nets and hooks, more fish were hooked, and many sea creatures became collateral damage. People started throwing trash in the oceans, all they were concerned about was how to get more cash out of the seas. The once giving relationship between nature and people, turned sour. After much abuse, the Gods became angry. The Sea Goddess, Aman Sinaya, could not take any more pain. To correct the situation, she went up to the skies to seek help from her lover, the God of Sky, Kalangitan.

Aman Sinaya: Legend of the Ocean Ocean Adventure Subic Bay 3

Together, Aman Sinaya and Kalangitan showed their wrath. With a series of deadly storms, they destroyed the fishing village. People became hungry and sick. After much suffering they realized their sins and asked for mercy from the Gods. Forgiveness was granted but with one major condition, that the people would return to their promise of always being mindful of the oceans and its creatures. A vow was made, symbolized by a signature handshake and swear (note: this will be executed via a signature dance to be taught to the audience), to be passed on to succeeding generations.

Aman Sinaya: Legend of the Ocean Ocean Adventure Subic Bay 4

Peace once again reigned between the Gods and man. But to make sure that history will not repeat itself, villagers and sea creatures alike remind the audience to remember the shake and swear every time they get a chance to visit the oceans.